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Divot Tools Hex Design.jpg

Divot Repair Tools

Custom Divot Repair Tools

PCC Custom Divot Repair Tools are CNC milled from Copper or Brass. They have a machined Cross-Hatch or Hex pattern on one side, and they are blank on the other side for customization. These can be hand stamped with any available letters/symbols, and they can be laser engraved with your image. 

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Material Options

PCC Milled Divot Repair Tools come in two material options. These are machined from solid high-quality metals that will last a lifetime.


  1. Copper

  2. Brass

Divot Tools Hex Design.jpg

Back Side Design Options

The Repair Tools are available in two back-side design options:

  1. Cross-Hatch Design

  2. Hex Design

Photo Feb 20, 10 39 37 PM.jpg

Paint Fill

Hand Stamping and Deep Engraving can be paint filled with any colors that you would like. 

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Photo Jun 04, 8 39 14 PM.jpg

Hand Stamping

The top side of the Divot Tools can be hand stamped with any combination of available letters or symbols. 

Letter / Number Sizes

  • 1/16"

  • 3/32”

  • 1/8"

  • 1/4"

Symbol Stamps

  • Dot/Period (3 sizes)

  • At (@) Sign (2 sizes)

  • Comma/Apostrophe (2 sizes)

  • Dollar Sign (2 sizes)

  • Exclamation Point (2 sizes)

  • Hashtag (2 sizes)

  • Hyphen

  • Parenthesis (2 sizes)

  • Plus Sign

  • Question Mark (2 sizes)

  • Quotation Mark (2 sizes)

  • Barbell Weight

  • Beer Mug

  • Circle (can include text inside)

  • Crossing Arrows

  • Crown (2 sizes)

  • Heart Outline

  • Hook 'Em/Rock On Hand Sign (2 sizes)

  • Smiley Face

  • Solid Star

  • Texas Outline (2 sizes)

* If you want examples of what different stamps look like, shoot me a message and I can show you.

MO Copper Tool.jpg
Photo May 04, 12 41 53 PM.jpg

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is available as an option on these Machined Custom Divot Tools. The Deep Engraving allows the engraving to be paint filled with the color(s) of your choice. 

Engraving Image Options

  1. Your Image - if you have your own image that you would like to have engraved - we can do that.

  2. Custom Image - if you have an idea for an image or a general theme for an image - I can design an image for you.

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